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Burak Philately is offering auction services since 1981 in İstanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul / Constantinople Engravings

William Henry Bartlett engravings, Amedeo Preziosi engravings, Gaspare Fossati engravings, Antoine Ignace Melling engravings, Jean Baptiste Vanmour engravings, Friedrich-Werner engravings and many other pieces including steel printing, lithography, copper plate printing

Ottoman Stamps, Turkish Republic Stamps and Philatelic Materials

Tughra Stamps, Empire, Error Stamps, Mint, Hinged, Block of four, Surcharge, Duloz, Takse, Essay, Full Series, Captive Letters, Posted Documents and Letters, Postal Stationary, Anatolia, Turkish Red Crescent Stamps

Ephemeral Documents, Posters, Calendars, Business Cards

Collectible Ephemera, Music Note, Invoices, Advertisements, Invitations, Documents with Fiscal Stamps, Bills, Title Deeds, Receipts, Tickets, Newspapers, Magazines, Cigarette Papers, Diploma, Brochures, Letterhead

Rare Books

Book collections, Vintage Books on Turkey, Vintage Istanbul Guides, Books with Engravings, Illustrations, First Edition Books, Second Hand Books, Antique Books, Antiquariat, Used Book Store, Ottoman Books, Ottoman Turkish Books

Old Stock Certificates and Bonds – Scriphophily

Stock Certificate and Bond Collections, Railrood Bonds, Ottoman Companies, Ottoman Governement Bonds, Ottoman Corporations, Ottoman Businesses

Old Maps

Old Istanbul / Constantinople Maps, Ottoman Maps, Lithography, Johann Baptist Homann Maps, George Matthaus Seutter Maps, Willem Janszoon Blaeu Maps, M. Joseph Nicolas Maps, Anatolia and Black Sea Maps, Antique Maps, Rare Maps

Old Postcards and Photocards

Postcards of Max Fruchtermann and the other editors, old Istanbul / Constatinople Postcards, lithography postcards, photocards, central powers propaganda postcards, rare postcards

Toy Soldiers and Antique Objects

Toy Soldier Collection, Ottoman Toy Soldiers, Collectible Objects, Antique Objects, Cigarette Cases, Lottery Tickets, Lorgnette, Porcelain and Textile Collectibles, Berat, Calligraphy and Medals